This is the COACH holiday campaign in 2017 and our last commission work in fashion industry. It’s a video game experience that travels across 1970s arcade cabinets and smartphones, but the common factor is that they are recreated in holograms.

Gifts from a Mega Brand to an Diversifying Market: Retro Video Games as a Common Language. The value of brands from now on may be to provide a common experience going not only beyond regions, but also beyond the boundaries between online and offline, and even beyond time.

Creative Direction, Strategic Planning, Content Planning and Media Planning:
YAMAN NKYMN (screamlouder Inc.)

Production and Operation:
screamlouder Inc.

Graphic Design: COACH Inc.
Design Operation: VANTAR
Game Programing: M. TANIGUCHI
Game Programing Support: METACRAFT Inc.
Media Buying Operation: McCann Erickson Japan Inc.
Hardware Construction: ART CREATIVE STUDIO CO., LTD